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What makes Sensorbottle so special?

In addition to the ambient data in the cellar, the smart measuring device for wine storage also records the temperature of the wine inside the bottle for the first time. In addition, you can detect critical changes in the storage bonds at an early stage: based on the recorded data, an algorithm calculates when the wine temperature reaches the defined alarm threshold and notifies the user by e-mail or via the PremiumWineTech app. Thus, even before a critical wine temperature occurs, you know how much time is left to adjust the ambient temperature according to the desired storage conditions.

Can I fill the Sensorbottle with wine myself?

No. The Sensorbottle hides a lot of technology inside, as well as a reference liquid that corresponds to the properties of wine. Its shape is based on a wine bottle so that it can be easily stored on the wine shelf.

Should the bottle be placed in the wine cellar standing or lying?

This does not matter in itself. The temperature sensors inside the Sensorbottle are arranged at three heights so that the different water layers are measured even when the Sensorbottle is stationary. The horizontal storage is certainly more common.

Why do I need the PremiumWineTech App?

In the PremiumWineTech app, the measured data is processed in a clear and up-to-date manner. This allows wine lovers, restaurant owners and retailers to keep an eye on the exact storage conditions of their wines at all times and to optimally monitor the ripening conditions of their stocks.

Does the Sensorbottle include a battery or does it need to be permanently connected to the mains?

The currently available version is permanently supplied with power via USB connection, but is very power-saving due to the technology used. If no power or USB port is available at the storage location, you can make do with a standard USB power bank and operate the bottle there - depending on the size of the battery and the transfer frequency - even for months without mains power.


Does the Sensorbottle come in a different color?

The Sensorbottle is as individual as your stored wine. On request, it therefore gets the color of your choice or even the shape of your favorite wine bottle! Thus, the Sensorbottle can also be individualized as a very personal gift for a friend wine lover or even customers.
If you are interested in an individualized version, please feel free to contact us. 


Where is the Sensorbottle produced?

The Sensorbottle was developed in Germany and is also manufactured in Germany. It never travels more than 25 km from our headquarters during the production process. From the production of the housing by our 3D printers, to the assembly of the electronics, the filling of the tank, the testing, the painting, the final quality check to the handover to the deliverer. You could actually also say: it is a regional product. 


Where can I buy the Sensorbottle ?

You can get the Sensorbottle in our online store.

Why is it important to measure the temperature in the bottle?

Wines mature under stable storage conditions. If factors such as temperature change, it takes a while for this change to actually reach the wine - in both positive and negative directions. The wine itself reacts much more sluggishly to temperature changes. In addition, it is protected by the thick glass wall of the wine bottle. In order to be able to make exact statements about the storage condition of the wine, it is therefore necessary to measure the temperature in the bottle and in the wine liquid. An algorithm calculates the exact time when the change becomes critical for my stored wines by the difference to the outside temperature. 

What is the best way to store the Sensorbottle ?

The Sensorbottle should simply be stored centrally between your wines. If you have several temperature zones or a larger wine cellar, it may make sense to place several sensor bottles.

What happens if the Sensorbottle in my wine cellar has no WLAN reception?

The Sensorbottle has a display for showing the current status and all individual measured values. The Sensorbottle also stores all acquired data on an internal memory. As soon as a wireless connection is established, all data is transferred to the PWT Cloud for use in the app. Thus, no data is lost even if there is no WLAN at the storage location. Of course, all warning functions via APP or e-mail are omitted in the event of a missing WLAN connection.


How can I tell that the situation in my wine cellar is reaching critical levels for my wine?

If the air temperature at the storage location changes, the Sensorbottle registers this as well as the resulting slower change in wine temperature. Based on this data, an algorithm calculates when the wine temperature reaches the defined alarm threshold and notifies you by email, via the PremiumWineTech app, as well as on the bottle itself via the indication in the display and the integrated LED. This means that even before a critical wine temperature occurs, you know how much time is left to adjust the ambient temperature to the desired storage conditions.

How robust is the Sensorbottle?

The Sensorbottle is a sensitive computer-controlled measuring device. It is made of plastic and a copper-plastic composite. The bottle can survive a fall without damage, but it doesn't have to. Just like a real wine bottle made of glass.

Please treat your Sensorbottle like a good bottle of wine, with the difference that you do not uncork it, but only enjoy it. And be the evening as fun as it may be.


Which company is behind the product?

PremiumWineTech GmbH, based in Ludwigsburg (Baden-Württemberg), develops technologies for the professional storage of high-quality wines. PremiumWineTech's products are characterized by clear design and innovative digital functionality and improve wine storage at specialist retailers, in restaurants and at home with wine lovers.



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