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The cooling principle

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You already have air conditioning in the building? 

Then you can also use this as a cooling source and connect the VinoViaVai to it. If desired, also in tandem with a built-in unit for maximum energy efficiency.


The technology
in detail

In the cold room, the air is guided horizontally over the stored bottles via an exclusive PremiumWineTech innovation. The air is mixed in a tempering area behind it and brought to the exact target temperature via heat exchangers. This process keeps the air in the cold room constantly at the target temperature, and automatic air volume control allows newly stored wines to be tempered quickly yet gently. After wines have been removed, air is cooled back to the target value within a few seconds.

Intelligent cooling through automatic filling detection

VinoViaVai.Cool automatically detects whether new and thus incorrectly tempered wines have been stored and independently starts a program for fast but gentle cooling by increasing the circulating air volume in the relevant segments.*
* Requires temperature sensors on the trays.

The refrigeration

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The technology
in detail

Unlike most commercial refrigerators, the cooling of the wines does not take place by evaporating inside the refrigerator. The VinoViaVai wine cabinets work with cold water generated by a cooling unit. The cold water flows through computer-controlled heat exchangers in a special temperature control area. This allows a much finer control of the air temperature and at the same time optimizes the compressor running time. A control electronics of the cooling unit, which was specially developed by us, is the basis of the highly optimized cold generation.

Up to 7 temperature zones per temperature control cabinet

The variable design of the VinoViaVai.Cool furniture makes it possible to provide up to 7 temperature zones in one temperature control cabinet. This corresponds to one temperature zone every 2 shelves. Each temperature zone can be precisely controlled to within 0.2°C. So you can take your favorite wine in exactly the temperature you want.

The lighting

Warm white, flicker-free LED light strips illuminate the bottles arranged across the viewing direction atmospherically and with the desired intensity. If desired, activation takes place automatically via motion sensors.

Your advantage


The technology
in detail

All LEDs used in VinoViaVai furniture are tested for the emitted light wave range and illuminants are used that have no or minimal emission in the UV wave range. In addition, we use a more sophisticated dimming technology that allows flicker-free dimming - this saves energy and generates less heat than conventional, simple methods.

Individual configuration

The VinoViaVai Cool is in no way inferior to the classic VinoViaVai in terms of customization. Here, too, the size, material, interior and technology can be freely selected. 




From a variety of options, we plan step by step your perfect wine furniture. 


Each VinoViaVai.Cool furniture is WLAN capable and can be connected to the local network at the place of installation.
On request, VinoViaVai.Cool also has an additional management module for connection to a wired LAN network and for networking several VinoViaVai products with each other.
This ensures that the system is always up to date and updates are installed fully automatically. Additional features, such as the monitoring of temperature trends or the reporting of errors to our technicians via the are possible.
More great features are planned and will be provided automatically as a rule.

Environmentally friendly materials

VinoViaVai.Cool furniture is insulated exclusively via wood-based materials. We completely dispense with environmentally hazardous foams and insulating materials traditionally used in refrigerators. Wood is a natural CO2 sink, i.e. more CO2 is stored in the material than is produced during its manufacture.

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We manufacture VinoViaVai only after the individual composition - suitable for your needs and spatial requirements.


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