How to plan your individual wine furniture

A wine collection lives from its diversity. So why should this claim of a wine lover stop at the wine furniture? With this premise in mind, we have developed VinoViaVai, a piece of furniture that impresses with its appearance, functionality, quality and individuality. 

Thought by wine lovers - made for wine lovers.

Get a first overview of the possibilities that the VinoViaVai offers for individual configuration. Together we will take the time to assemble and plan the perfect piece of furniture for you.  



What are your spatial conditions? Should the VinoViaVai stand in the living room, equip the private wine cellar, or furnish your treasure chamber?



How big can it be? Beyond our basic grid, we also manufacture with completely individual dimensions - so that you can also make maximum use of the storage space.



In principle, all wishes are possible here. We can also manufacture your VinoViaVai from solid wood, paint it in the color of your choice or coat it with a special high-tech material.



Do you have a clear preference for magnum bottles? Or have everyday wines that you store in larger quantities? You determine the interior of your wine furniture.



Do you like to have an overview of everything in your smart home, even from a distance? Or would you like your wine furniture to be completely without technology? You decide how digital it should be.



Stable temperatures are essential for storage. You can select the type of air conditioning depending on the spatial conditions.

A VinoViaVai fits everywhere.

The spatial conditions have a significant influence on the planning of your VinoViaVai. Not only in terms of plan size, but also with regard to the respective requirements and conditions.

The goal is always to make the best possible use of the available space or storage area. Be it a narrow niche in the kitchen, a sideboard in the living area, as an eye-catcher in the gastronomy, on the sales floor of a wine shop or in the private cellar room. Each room brings its own requirements for the wine furniture: the amount of bottle places, the storage conditions such as room height, climate and humidity, the appearance, the degree of digitalization, the type of air conditioning. We have designed the VinoViaVai to fit perfectly into any space. 


Living area

Wine shop



Storage space with style.

How many bottle capacity a VinoViaVai has? Counter question: How much horsepower does a car have?
You determine the size of your VinoViaVai completely yourself. What we contribute: maximum capacity with maximum aesthetics.

Higher, wider, deeper - for us there is only one decisive unit of measurement: what is the maximum amount of bottles that can be placed in the piece of furniture? - But please individually stored and separately removable.

No matter whether the custom-made VinoViaVai Cool in the kitchen niche is to accommodate a maximum quantity of magnum bottles, or the system in the vaulted cellar makes it possible to store the entire depth from ceiling to floor: with a VinoViaVai you get the most out of your space.

Of course, we have developed a standard grid for our VinoViaVai, on the basis of which we assemble the individual units. Nevertheless, with WeyFra as a professional for individual furniture at our side, the precisely fitting construction for your room is child's play. We produce each planned unit completely individually and can therefore easily accommodate special features such as a vaulted cellar, or special room heights.
And by the way, you can be sure that with a VinoViaVai you have more individual bottle places available than usual. 

Wine is not the only thing that is a matter of taste.

The VinoViaVai is significantly shaped visually by the personal composition of material and color scheme. Wood type, as well as type and color of the surface finish are freely selectable.

You have the opportunity to give free rein to your own creativity or completely adapt the piece of furniture to the existing interior.

Whether in white-highly elegant matching the kitchen, in a noble material mix with high-matt high-tech material or of course made of solid wood, what unites all our materials: they are not only made for the eye, but also withstand the conditions of wine storage even in rooms with higher room humidity and also impress with their high-quality haptics. 

The VinoViaVai consists of elements for which you can choose different materials. This makes your VinoViaVai unmistakable. 

We have compiled a selection of popular designs for you here. In addition, there are almost no limits to the color scheme through lacquering and coatings.

Natural materials

Oak solid wood

Oak solid wood

Solid oak

Walnut solid wood

Mahogany solid wood

High-tech coating

Highly matt, this surface finish offers low light reflection, a soft feel and protection against fingerprints. 








Bianco Dover

Bianco Kos

Special coatings

Whether concrete or leather - each material brings its own feel and thus a very individual refinement. 

2mm thick concrete layer on a carrier plate

High-tech coating

in various leather types and colors

in various leather types and colors

in various leather types and colors

in various leather types and colors

in various leather types and colors

Of course, we also paint the surfaces in any color that is desired. For example, matt white or a gray. This makes it fit even more harmoniously into the room if desired.

For the production of the VinoViaVai we have our sister company on board, which specializes in the design, planning, development and manufacture of high-quality individual furniture. Here, state-of-the-art machines and software support the master carpenters and furniture designers in their work.

WeyFra manufactures for you exclusively
Made in Schwieberdingen near Stuttgart.

Bottle by bottle - side one side.  

Bordeaux or Riesling? Champagne or Franciacorta? 0.75 l, magnum or double magnum? An exclusive wine collection is multifaceted. - And the interior of your VinoViaVai offers the necessary adaptability for this.

There exists an almost infinite number of wine bottle shapes. This makes it complex to accommodate them all. We have developed a universal contour for our classic single tray that can accommodate most bottle shapes. This gives you maximum flexibility for subsequent use and filling. 

In addition, there are contours for special bottle shapes, e.g. for certain prestige champagnes, and inserts in universal contours to accommodate special formats, such as an insert for storing Magnum stemware in universal Magnum trays.

If you change the stored bottle types more frequently, trays can also be planned as interchangeable trays. With different tabaler inserts, you can flexibly exchange the trays of different contours over time. 

The bottle contours

Special contours for special bottles can also be implemented on request.

The types of wine trays

Single tray

Our classic single shelf is available to fit different bottle shapes and sizes.

Rolling tray

For high-density storage of everyday wines above shoulder height incl. automatic storage quantity determination

Presentation shelf

For the presentation of special wines with specialized lifting and lowering speed curves to prevent deposit swirling and automatic depositing of the wines to ensure cork moistening


For storing wine in wooden boxes of 6 or 12 with automatic storage quantity determination and removal detection.

The special trays

Tasting tray

For wine utensils: corkscrew, glasses, coravin, etc. Also universally usable as a storage table


The interior of the humidor is lined with Spanish cedar. In the front there is a glass pane, as well as a LED bar, which gently illuminates the cigars. Temperature and humidity are monitored, air circulation is controlled electronically.

Fruit & Vegetable Tray

Where wine feels at home, apples and potatoes also like to store.

Would you like a little more?

In terms of "digital wine rack" our VinoViaVai is leading the market.

A piece of wine furniture that knows which bottle is in exactly which storage location, opens the right compartment fully automatically and illuminates the bottle you are looking for. Sensors that measure the temperature and humidity, lasers at each individual bottle location that detect the occupancy and removal of the bottle. 

You prefer it analog? No problem: You decide how digital your wine furniture will be. 


Integrated illumination of all shelves, as well as targeted illumination of individual bottles during wine selection on the display. The LED strips used are heat and UV tested and therefore harmless to the wine.


Available as TFT Touch Display or natural looking Paperwhite. The display is located on each shelf front. Here you can read the climate values, get an overview of the stored wines and make your wine selection.

Climate sensors

To measure UV, temperature and humidity, each tray has sensors with particularly high accuracy.

Motorized pullouts

Extension of the drawer including exact positioning of the bottle, and automatic retraction of the drawer after bottle removal.

Automatic detection

Depending on the tray, the integrated occupancy and removal detection is carried out via laser-based sensors or by weight measurement.

Manual message

For trays without automatic occupancy and removal detection, the message can be sent manually using keys on the tray.


The highly innovative VVV.SmartActiveVentilation system developed by us ensures that the wines are at the optimum temperature for comfort.


With VinoViaVai Cool your wine is always at drinking temperature at hand.


Mobile alarm function in case of deviation from the set values.

Good climate even without bricks

In addition to UV light, which must be avoided, air temperature and humidity are the most important parameters for the value-preserving or value-enhancing storage of wines. Therefore, these values are optionally monitored by the VinoViaVai system - and at as many points as possible.

For your wines, we take it very precisely: Highest-quality, digital, combined temperature and humidity sensors are used in your VinoViaVai. Our systems measure these with an accuracy of 0.2°C. Our self-developed module controls the measurements and communicates them to the central system at a high interval.

The agony of choice

Innovation about innovation

When it comes to air conditioning, we have thought doubly innovative with our VinoViaVai: 


The actively controlled air circulation guides cool air over the shelves, creating a protective air cushion against harmful temperature fluctuations. This gives you a more stable storage temperature in your wine cabinet, less energy loss and a particularly pleasant room climate. 

VinoViaVai Cool

A new type of wine refrigerator that works with a new type of refrigeration that has a very high temperature stability and ensures a fast but gentle cooling on demand.

Your way to your own VinoViaVai

Together we define the equipment
After we have gained a joint overview of the spatial and personal requirements for wine storage, we move into the detailed planning of materials and surfaces. We define the equipment in terms of shelves, electronics and air conditioning.

At the end of this step, we have a common picture of what materials your VinoViaVai furniture should be made of and how smartly it can support you in your passion for wine.
The space and infrastructure
For the first rough planning, we need an approximate picture of the place where the VinoViaVai furniture will later stand and delight. Here, cell phone snapshots and a rough dimensioned drawing of the room are enough for us at first.

For the wine and the furniture, the environmental parameters of air temperature and humidity are of utmost importance. If there is a need for action with regard to these parameters, we develop a climate control concept to ensure that the wine and your new furniture will be fine in the long term and that the wine can develop ideally.
Rough design & cost estimate are created
The first two steps determine what needs to be done. On this basis, we plan your individual VinoViaVai furniture and any necessary air conditioning tasks. As a result, you will receive a summary as well as the first CAD simulation and price indication of the entire system.
We visit you & make the measurement
Before we can finally plan your VinoViaVai furniture in CAD, we look at the conditions on site and use our state-of-the-art 3D laser measurement system to create a precise model of the room in which the furniture will later be installed. The prerequisite for this is that we are in commercial agreement.

If possible, we will also carry out step 5 with you directly on site in a personal meeting.
The fine tuning for your VinoViaVai
We now refine the rough design together until it is perfect for you. With the exact 3D data of the room, we now create the detailed design and simulate the entire VinoViaVai system again.

At the end of the fine-tuning process, the exact construction plan of your individual VinoViaVai furniture is available, down to the last dowel and screw. We are now ready for production!
The production
After you have given the production release, we will start manufacturing your entire VinoViaVai system.

Through regular updates and pictures about the current production status and you are almost live how your furniture is created.
The installation at your site
Together we define (ideally already during production) the installation date of your VinoViaVai system. At this time at the latest, we will also inform you once again of everything we need from you in terms of preparatory work (e.g. electricity, Internet access, water drainage, etc.).

To keep the installation time at your site as short as possible, all furniture comes already in segments, is pre-assembled and tested. For this purpose, we already assemble the entire system before installation at our production site and then disassemble it again into segments for transport.
Get to know your VinoViaVai
Once your VinoViaVai system is ready to operate, you will receive training from a technician on how to use and care for the system. Don't worry: we've made sure that everything is as low-maintenance as possible when developing VinoViaVai. More than dusting in the right places is not necessary in itself.

Now the system is ready to be brought to life and put away.
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We can complete steps 1 to 6 together in a few weeks.

The production time is between 4 and 8 weeks and depends on many factors, but especially on the size and equipment of your VinoViaVai® plant and our workload.

Let us advise you without obligation.

We manufacture VinoViaVai only after the individual composition - suitable for your needs and spatial requirements.


for your request

We will get back to you shortly.


for your interest

We have noted you without obligation and will contact you as soon as the Sensorbottle is available again.