The design wine temperature control cabinet for sophisticated cooling of your wines.

A wine collection lives from its diversity, individuality and also exclusivity. Often, however, this high standard of wine passion ends with the storage of the collected treasures - not infrequently due to a lack of alternatives to the standard storage systems, wine refrigerators or wine temperature control cabinets. We are of the opinion that exclusive wines need an adequate home. For this reason, we have developed VinoViaVai, a piece of furniture that impresses with its design, functionality, quality and individuality.

A VinoViaVai is not just a wine temperature control cabinet. A VinoViaVai is a distinctive piece of furniture that stores wines and also air-conditions them as needed. There are no limits to individuality.

The special thing about it: it is thought out and made by wine lovers. The eye for detail combined with technical know-how and love for wine makes this system for wine storage unique.

Each of our pieces of furniture is individually planned, designed and manufactured according to customer requirements at our location in the Stuttgart region.

An exclusive wine furniture that can also cool

It is a recurring theme among wine lovers that wines are often drunk too young. High-quality wines have the potential to mature further through proper storage and thus develop further in terms of taste and aroma. Good wine is therefore not exclusively a question of the cultivation and the producer. The fact is that anyone who wants to get the best out of a good drop right up to the final enjoyment also has to worry about storage after purchase.

More than 
only one 

wine cooling

Our novel cooling principle protects your wines from shock cooling and provides maximum temperature stability.

Up to 7
temperature zones

The special design allows precise and matched to the wines enjoyment temperatures


Determine for yourself the size, the number and type of storage spaces, the equipment, the mix of materials and the level of technology - just like the classic VinoViaVai.


The choice is yours: take advantage of the many benefits of our doorless drawers with insulating glazing or opt for the classic with a door. In any case, your VinoViaVai is a special eye-catcher, because here the stored drops are really put in the limelight.


The digitally controlled wine selection via display, motorized shelves that extend with bottle precision, an alarm function on the smartphone or even the active ventilation make the VinoViaVai a really smart piece of wine furniture.

VinoViaVai wine temperature control cabinet: The particularly gentle climate control for your wines

Wines love a stable environment - therefore a constant temperature without significant fluctuations is fundamental for good storage of high-quality wines. Permanent fluctuations of as little as 1 degree Celsius can have a negative effect on the development of the wines and thus reduce their quality.

Therefore, during the development of the VinoViaVai, the technical implementation of the air conditioning was particularly close to our hearts. Our novel cooling principle protects your wines from shock cooling andprovides maximum temperature stability.

This enables much finer control of the air temperature and at the same time optimizes the compressor running time. Control electronics of the refrigeration unit, specially developed by us, are the basis of the highly optimized refrigeration.

Inside the VinoViaVai, air conditioning is not achieved by cooling the entire interior. Here, the air is guided horizontally over the stored bottles. The unique cooling principle in VinoViaVai thus cools the bottles directly and thus enables particularly gentle cooling or warming of the stored wines in the wine temperature control cabinet. In this way, we avoid temperature stratification in the cold room due to active air mixing. Due to the permanent mixing of the air, no moisture pockets are created.

  • Activated carbon filtration of the circulating air
  • Optional: Temperature measurement in the interior with up to two sensors per tray
  • Optional: disinfection of the air by encapsulated UVC lamps
  • Optional: air conditioning unit

You already have air conditioning in the building?

Then you can also use this as a cooling source and connect the VinoViaVai to it. If desired, also in tandem with a built-in unit for maximum energy efficiency.

You completely determine the size and storage capacity of your VinoViaVai. What we contribute: maximum capacity with maximum aesthetics.

No matter whether the custom-made VinoViaVai Cool in the living room is to present a maximum amount of bottles in a representative way, or the system in the vaulted cellar makes it possible to store the entire depth from the ceiling to the floor: with a VinoViaVai you get the most out of your space.

Unique features for an innovative way of cooling

We are also happy to plan your VVV as a combination of wine temperature control cabinet. With up to 7 climate zones per unit, you can also keep a selection of wines at the right temperature for perfect enjoyment.

Doorless design with pullouts

Instead of the usual doors, VinoViaVai.Cool has optional pull-outs with insulating glass framed by an elegant, minimalist frame. When opening a drawer, only a 29cm high gap of the refrigerator is released, in which, depending on the layout, another interior drawer with its own shelf is located. The advantage is obvious: due to a smaller opening, less cold air flows out of the furniture. As a result, the wine experiences fewer temperature fluctuations even when opened frequently. And it looks really nice at the same time. If desired, the pull-outs can also be motorized.

Your advantage

Individual configuration

The VinoViaVai Cool is in no way inferior to the classic VinoViaVai in terms of customization. Here, too, the size, material, interior and technology can be freely selected. 




From a variety of options, we plan step by step your perfect wine furniture. 

Store wines in the wine temperature control cabinet for a long time.

Whether red or white wine, the ideal storage temperature for wine is between 10 and 14 °C at a humidity of about 65 to 80 percent.

The storage temperature has a significant influence on the development of the wines, which can also be consciously utilized and controlled. One could say that the temperature represents something like the accelerator pedal in the maturation of wines. The higher the storage temperature, the faster the wine matures. From a temperature of about 7°C and lower, hardly any ripening takes place.

This temperature is suitable for slowing down the aging of wines at their peak. Wine connoisseurs therefore also like to use a wine temperature control cabinet such as VinoViaVai with multiple zones. 

In addition, a wine storage cabinet like the VinoViaVai with its climate provides a constant high quality of air by balancing the humidity, fresh air supply and activated carbon filter.  

Since vibrations and movements can also have a negative effect on the quality of the stored wines, our wine temperature control cabinet has been designed in such a way that vibrations are avoided. A stable stand through adjustable feet is indispensable.

Let us advise you without obligation.

We manufacture VinoViaVai only after the individual composition - suitable for your needs and spatial requirements.


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