The smart Sensorbottle for your wine cellar.

The Sensorbottle tells you every minute how the storage situation affects your wine. Inside, it is equipped with lots of smart technology and a wine-like liquid. It thus simulates the actual situation inside the bottle for the wine bottles stored in its environment.

The Sensorbottle is the first smart measuring unit for monitoring the storage conditions of wine, which not only records values in the room, but also inside the bottle. 

Monitors what matters:

The inner values of the wine bottle


Measurement in the room and in the bottle

UVA radiation

Acquisition of UVA values in the environment


Measurement in space

Wine storage

Wines mature ideally when they are at ease.

They like it dark, quiet and need stable storage conditions. That's why it's important to keep a constant eye on the core values such as temperature, humidity and UV radiation: whether in a private wine cellar, in a wine shop or in a restaurant. With Sensorbottle , for the first time you not only observe the external values in the storage room, but also learn more about the actual situation inside the stored bottle. Common systems for monitoring storage conditions are measuring stations with sensors that are placed in the wine cellar and measure and record the development of temperature and humidity in the room. However, wine liquid behaves much more sluggishly than air when external conditions change. Therefore, reliable values can only be measured in the medium wine itself.

The feel good factor

The right storage of a wine determines the result: the taste. But it no longer has to be the classic wine cellar to store your favorite wines well.

The room

In order for wine to mature well, you should protect it from light during storage.

The temperature

Temperature variations have a decisive influence on the maturation of the wine.

The humidity

If a cork dries out, the wine gets more oxygen than is good for it.

Mark now.

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