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How individual can a
wine rack be?

A wine rack provides safe space for storing wine bottles. Correct as far as it goes. But is that all there is to a wine rack?

The fact that not all wine is the same is known not only to wine connoisseurs. But the same is true for wine racks. Of course, everyone knows the typical wine racks, which can be inserted in the home kitchen as a small model and accordingly provide space for a few bottles of wine. Equally well known are the larger, mainly functional models that often find their place in a wine cellar.

But it can also be completely different: much more individual and also equipped with smart technology. Here, not only the noble wine variety that is usually stored in a wine rack is fascinating, but also the wine rack itself.

Individuality wins with VinoViaVai wine rack

With a VinoViaVai wine furniture you finally provide the desired individuality, which you have long longed for in wine racks. 

Here it is possible not only to choose the desired type of material or color of the surface finish, but also to determine the interior of the wine rack.

The result: finally a wine rack that you can design to fit perfectly into the existing interior. The VinoViaVai wine racks impress with their high-quality feel. They are also suitable for wine storage in rooms with higher humidity or lack of air conditioning.

In addition, the sophisticated design is also convincing, because here the wine lover does not have the usual view of the bottle neck or the bottom of the wine bottle, but here shelves in the shape of the bottle fully set the scene for the wine bottle itself and its label.

Not just a storage facility, but a smart piece of furniture

Everything is possible and nothing is a must. Of course, every wine lover has his individual ideas in terms of wine rack, but here he can finally create exactly the wine rack that he has always wanted.

The possibilities here are almost unlimited. The wine rack could even be equipped in such a way that you not only know exactly where the bottle of wine you are looking for is stored, but also that this very compartment opens automatically and the desired bottle is illuminated at the same time.

In addition, a VinoViaVai wine rack is also capable of optionally monitoring the air temperature and humidity. This is ensured by the highest quality digital temperature and humidity sensors.

This wine rack fits perfectly - no matter where

No matter what the spatial conditions are - the VinoViaVai is planned and manufactured to fit the room precisely. Be it as a wine rack in the living room or as a larger installation in a real wine cellar.

It is a matter of course for us to manufacture according to individual dimensions and we also uncompromisingly comply with personal material wishes. However, a VinoViaVai is not only unique on the outside, but also on the inside, because the interior of the wine rack is basically determined by the customer himself.

Everything is possible: from the great classic, which completely does without any technology, to the smart wine rack, which can do everything. The type of air conditioning can be selected according to the spatial conditions. Thus, with a VinoViaVai, a wine rack quickly becomes a wine cabinet or even a wine refrigerator.


As individual as the aroma of each wine.

From a variety of options, we plan step by step your perfect wine furniture. 


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