The design wine refrigerator for sophisticated cooling of your wines.

Our VinoViaVai Cool wine refrigerator is a real all-rounder when it comes to wine cooling. It not only ensures particularly gentle cooling with technical innovations, but also turns out to be a real eye-catcher. Our wine refrigerators are individually designed and built. Thus, they adapt to the furniture and the premises of its user absolutely individually.

An exclusive wine furniture that can also cool

Every wine lover has special requirements with regard to his wines: he is always looking for something special that nevertheless exactly meets his taste. Why then compromise on the storage of the wines? VinoViaVai convinces with its many design options so that the noble drops can also be placed attractively. Whether in the interior design, the material used or the level of technology: our wine refrigerator easily adapts to personal preferences and desired conditions. Individuality begins here already with the desired wood type of the wine refrigerator. But that alone is not everything, because individuality means for us that the customer can of course also determine the type of wine refrigerator, its color and likewise the surface finish himself. This is the only way to design a wine refrigerator that fits perfectly into the existing interior.

More than 
only one 

wine cooling

Our novel cooling principle protects your wines from shock cooling and provides maximum temperature stability.

Up to 7
temperature zones

The special design allows precise and matched to the wines enjoyment temperatures


Determine for yourself the size, the number and type of storage spaces, the equipment, the mix of materials and the level of technology - just like the classic VinoViaVai.


The choice is yours: take advantage of the many benefits of our doorless drawers with insulating glazing or opt for the classic with a door. In any case, your VinoViaVai is a special eye-catcher, because here the stored drops are really put in the limelight.


The digitally controlled wine selection via display, motorized shelves that extend with bottle precision, an alarm function on the smartphone or even the active ventilation make the VinoViaVai a really smart piece of wine furniture.

The wine refrigerator as smart wine furniture

Our wine refrigerators can do much more than conventional refrigerators, because they are also equipped with smart intelligence.

Digitally controlled wine selection via display, motorized shelves that extend with bottle precision, an alarm function on the smartphone or even active ventilation make the VinoViaVai a really smart piece of wine furniture if desired. Our intelligent technology also ensures constant monitoring of the optimal temperature and humidity through a variety of high-quality sensors.

The wine refrigerator with exclusive design.

Not only the high-quality haptics inspire here, but especially the thoughtful design. Because here the wine lover is not simply presented with the bottle base or bottle neck of his wine collection, but rather illuminated shelves completely set the scene for the wine bottle and its label. The different types of shelves take into account suitable contours for each type of bottle, because here too it counts: as you make your bed, so you lie on it.

Unique features for an innovative way of cooling

The VinoViaVai Cool convinces with its technical innovations. With a cooling principle that not only cools gently and stably, but also reacts intelligently to filling and removal, while still offering different temperature zones.

Learn more about the smart technology in detail here:

Doorless design with pullouts

Instead of the usual doors, VinoViaVai.Cool has optional pull-outs with insulating glass framed by an elegant, minimalist frame. When opening a drawer, only a 29cm high gap of the refrigerator is released, in which, depending on the layout, another interior drawer with its own shelf is located. The advantage is obvious: due to a smaller opening, less cold air flows out of the furniture. As a result, the wine experiences fewer temperature fluctuations even when opened frequently. And it looks really nice at the same time. If desired, the pull-outs can also be motorized.

Your advantage

Individual configuration

The VinoViaVai Cool is in no way inferior to the classic VinoViaVai in terms of customization. Here, too, the size, material, interior and technology can be freely selected. 




From a variety of options, we plan step by step your perfect wine furniture. 

Why does the wine need a refrigerator?

To ensure that your wine remains a noble drop, it also requires special care during storage. It should not simply be stored in a conventional refrigerator together with other food, because here neither humidity nor temperature stability can be controlled. A wine refrigerator, on the other hand, offers the possibility of generating an ideal climate.

In particular, the constant temperature plays an extremely important role in wine storage, as even permanent fluctuations of 1°C can have a negative effect on the wine. The storage temperature can be precisely regulated and controlled in a wine refrigerator.

With the help of different climate zones within wine refrigerator, wines can be stored for a longer period of time as well as brought to drinking temperature.

The storage temperature is something like the gas pedal in wine ripening, the higher the temperature, the faster the wine ripens. From a temperature of about 7°C and lower, hardly any ripening takes place. This temperature is therefore also ideal for slowing down the maturation of wines at their peak.

Relative humidity is particularly relevant for wines sealed with a natural cork - which still applies to most high-quality wines. It should be between 50 and 70% rLf. Amount. This prevents the wine corks from drying out and protects the wine from evaporation. In addition, the wine refrigerator also provides the necessary ventilation of the wine.

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