For intelligent wine storage.

At specialized dealers,
in the gastronomy
or at home.

For intelligent wine storage.

At specialized dealers, in the
gastronomy or at home.

Protector of your wines.

Wines are your passion, but you do not yet have the right solution for storing and monitoring the most important readings? The number of boxes in the storage room is increasing because the space in the wine rack is no longer sufficient? You want to keep an eye on how your collection is doing even from a distance and actively receive a message as soon as the storage conditions become critical? Are you looking for an adequate home for your wine collection that is technically superior to the brick and mortar? Then read more about our smart wine products.

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The intelligent wine furniture.

VinoVIAVAI is the first fully digital wine rack. 

Whether as a large storage system or small unit in the wine cellar, as a highlight in the living area or as an eye-catcher in the gastronomy. Digitally thought out in every detail, they always keep track of your wine collection and the storage conditions.


The smart Sensorbottle.

Sensorbottle is the smart measuring instrument for monitoring the storage conditions of wine. It not only records the relevant values in the room, but also simulates the situation inside the bottle. 

The associated app lets you keep an eye on all available values and actively informs you in the event of relevant fluctuations. It also stores warning messages and historical measured values.

Your wines in view.

Always and everywhere be sure that your wines are in good hands: With our PremiumWineTech app, you can keep an eye on your wines and their storage situation even from a distance. 


Hand in hand


To make our products and technologies tangible, we have the perfect partner at our side in our sister company WEYFRA Individualmöbel. There are no old habits here. Instead, we have a young, dynamic team with a wealth of experience in designing, planning, developing and manufacturing high-quality custom furniture. State-of-the-art machines and software support the master carpenters and furniture designers in their work. Here everything comes from a single source: from master craftsmen - made in Germany.

Wine storage

Wines mature ideally when they are at ease.

They like it dark, quiet and need stable storage conditions. That's why it's important to keep a constant eye on the core values such as temperature, humidity and UV radiation: whether in the private wine cellar, in the wine shop or in the restaurant.

Common systems for monitoring storage conditions are measuring stations with sensors placed in the wine cellar, which measure and record the development of temperature and humidity in the room. However, wine liquid behaves much more sluggishly than air when external conditions change. Therefore, reliable values can only be measured in the medium wine itself.

With the Sensorbottle , for the first time you not only observe the external values in the storage room, but also learn more about the actual situation inside the stored bottle.


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