The exclusive wine refrigerator for the yacht

Unique in design, sophisticated in detail, versatile in customization, individual in planning. 

Handmade. Made in Germany.

VinoViaVai COOL

Wine storage on board

We are not only experts in wine storage, but also know the requirements and demands for installations on luxury yachts. The coordination with the architect or shipyard is also essential for our planning in the construction and refitting phase.  

Connection to the shipboard control system and the ship's own refrigeration system

for central control and monitoring


Als Sonderkonstruktion mit einem besonders ruhigen Modus kann -abhängig von den lokalen Gegebenheiten - auf <30 dba abgesenkt werden

Lock system

An electromagnetic door latch prevents the door from opening during overpasses or heavy weather

Redundant design of the components

for maintenance-friendly operation

Worldwide spare parts

Delivery by courier

Factory Acceptance Testing

Upon request

Customized production of refrigeration compressors

possible for smaller yachts from 30m


The VinoViaVai Cool wine refrigerator features an exclusive design. Illuminated shelves stylishly showcase the wine bottle with its label instead of just the bottom of the bottle. The different types of shelves take into account suitable contours for any type of bottle shape, so that they are stored undamaged. 


VinoViaVai is not an off-the-shelf wine furniture. We plan, design and produce entirely according to your requirements and the spatial conditions. Whether as built-in furniture or free-standing, classic with door or insulated glass drawers - together we configure the right VinoViaVai for your wine storage.  


The demand on our wine furniture is as exclusive as the wines that are stored in it. The VinoViaVai is not only convincing in terms of quality and feel. Inside, there is a lot of innovative technology with a new cooling principle that protects the wines from shock cooling and ensures maximum temperature stability.

Securely placed.

The lock system of the VinoViaVai prevents the door from opening in extreme situations with its heavy weather lock. 

The special feature: we have designed the system so that this can be removed and stowed. Thus, the stored wines are secured during transfers, but without taking the beauty of the furniture in the owner operation. 

For smaller yachts, we also offer an attractive and label-friendly closure made of wood to secure the bottles. 

The company

PremiumWineTech GmbH

We develop technologies for the professional storage of high-quality wines. Our products feature clean design and innovative digital functionality and improve wine storage for retailers, in restaurants and privately for wine lovers. 

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We manufacture VinoViaVai only after the individual composition - suitable for your needs and spatial requirements.


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