UV rays do nothing to wine - or do they?

The UVA component of sunlight easily penetrates uncoated window glass and ensures that plants can also grow indoors. Put simply, UVA does not make you brown, but it does cause your skin to age. We are in the same situation as wine: its aging is also accelerated unfavorably when UVA hits the wine.

Well thought-out down to the last detail: Why the Sensorbottle needs a fan.

In physics there is a nice sentence: no energy is lost (law of conservation of energy). We don't want to bore you with physics trivia - on the contrary, the Sensorbottle also consumes electrical energy. In our case, this primarily turns into heat and some light for the display. Now you might think that this is very little energy. This is essentially true. In normal operation, it is about 0.8 watts/h. Still sounds little? It is. But, for example, even a small LED with 1W gets quite hot during continuous operation.


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