UV rays do nothing to wine - or do they?

The UVA component of sunlight easily penetrates uncoated window glass and ensures that plants can also grow indoors. Put simply, UVA does not make you brown, but it does cause your skin to age. We are in the same situation as wine: its aging is also accelerated unfavorably when UVA hits the wine.
Wein reifen durch stabile Lagerbedingungen

Incidentally, the green glass from which most wine bottles are made filters only about 30% of UVA radiation. The rest gets into the bottle. How much of it remains in the bottle as energy depends primarily on the color of the wine and the amount of turbidity. In a heavy, dark Tempranillo from Rioja (dark and dense), for example, almost all of the UVA is absorbed and leads to the destruction of tannin and primary fruit aromas. The only remedy here - besides the complete exclusion of sunlight - is glass with a special coating or film and foils in which the bottle is wrapped, as is occasionally seen, for example, in high-quality Prestige champagnes.

The Sensorbottle continuously monitors the UV radiation in the environment of your Vienna storage. A UVA sensor in the shoulder of the bottle detects the UVA rays hitting the bottle while lying or standing and calculates a UV index from this. If UVA is measured, a corresponding warning appears on the display and the acoustic alarm is activated. In this way, you can keep a permanent eye on the optimum storage conditions.

Why we speak only of UVA? The ultraviolet range of light is divided into three ranges: UVA, UVB and UVC. Put simply, UVC is reflected or absorbed by our ozone layer and the atmosphere and does not reach the earth's surface. UVB penetrates the atmosphere and turns our skin brown, for example. However, UVB penetrates almost no glass. UVA, on the other hand, penetrates uncoated clear glass (e.g. windows) milllessly and even the frequently used brown or green glass offers only very limited protection.

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