Well thought-out down to the last detail: Why the Sensorbottle needs a fan.

In physics there is a nice sentence: no energy is lost (law of conservation of energy). We don't want to bore you with physics trivia - on the contrary, the Sensorbottle also consumes electrical energy. In our case, this primarily turns into heat and some light for the display. Now you might think that this is very little energy. This is essentially true. In normal operation, it is about 0.8 watts/h. Still sounds little? It is. But, for example, even a small LED with 1W gets quite hot during continuous operation.

The heat generated by the energy consumption inevitably heats the reference liquid in our Sensorbottle - albeit minimally. It becomes more relevant for the measured ambient air. Depending on the position of the Sensorbottle (standing or lying), the generated heat rises upwards to the temperature sensor and falsifies the value by up to 1°C, depending on the ambient temperature. We find this unsightly and unnecessary.

In order to prevent the air inside the Sensorbottle from heating up and thus affecting the sensor technology, we have installed a tiny fan in the Sensorbottle , measuring only 15mm. This fan is controlled by the motherboard and of course not operated permanently - also to save power. Before the measurements, it ensures that the Sensorbottle is ventilated and thus transports the heated air outside and, by the way, leads fresh outside air directly past the measurement sensors. You can hardly measure more precisely.

We think the Sensorbottle deserves this measurement precision.

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