It all depends on the right conditions

For a good aging of the wine, besides the quality, the storage conditions are crucial. An unsuitable wine does not become more storable through good storage. However, an excellent wine that is suitable for storage can lose everything that makes it special in a very short time due to the wrong storage.

Wine likes it dark - In order for it to mature well, you should protect your wine from light during storage. This prevents damage to the tannins through oxidation. Direct UV radiation does lasting damage to the wine. It also does not like indirect light. In the long term, it can destroy the structure of the wine and causes it to fade. Sparkling wines are particularly affected and lose flavor substance in a short time.

The right humidity - A humidity of 70% (+/- 10) is best for the cork. Below 50%, the cork can dry out and the wine gets more oxygen than is good for it. Above 80%, condensation can cause the labels to peel off or mold to grow. The cork must be constantly moistened, which is also the reason for horizontal storage. Bottles with screw caps can be safely stored upright.

Temperature as constant as possible - To allow the wine to mature optimally, a temperature between 10°C and 14°C must be ensured throughout the year. The fluctuations should not exceed 2 to 4 degrees.

Ideal ventilation - Ensure good air circulation, otherwise mold and bacteria could develop.

Wine likes to lie still - vibrations destroy certain chemical components of the wine. Therefore, it needs a lot of rest and as little movement as possible to mature.

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